We have already wrote how to create a client: Add a client with your phone.

Then How to create products: How to create a product?

Now your user can use eOrder application on his/her device and when he/she comes to client, here is simple steps how to make your first order with eOrder:

1: Open eOrder app.

2. Open a taskbar (swipe your finger from left to right)

3. You will see the list, press – Client.                    

4. You will see the list of your clients (As a sales rep, you can add a new client yourself link)

5. Choose a client “A”

6. You will see a task bars with suggestion “Make Order” Press on it.

7. Then you can select what product do you want or your client needs to order, press “Add Products.”

8. Choose products from your list. Add quantities and press a check mark on the top right screen. You can repeat this as much products as you need.

9. Press go back (top left corner) you go back until you see your list of products that you just have made.

10. Press send (arrow key on top right corner) There you will see confirmation of your order detail, make sure it’s right and press YES, to confirm it.

When you pressed YES. You will receive a confirmation - You have just made an order with eOrder.