Rep tasks:

Daily/Monthly schedule planner.

Client fulfillment (size, location, available licenses, etc. )

Represent brands and products.

Negotiating prices.

Dealing contracts, signing, making sure everything is on term.

Customer information / updating contact list.

Maintenance of inventory to the clients (refrigerators, coffee makers, etc.)

Visiting clients and maintain a close positive relationship.

Inform the customer about the products, prices or changes of the conditions.

Displaying promotions or presentations stands.

Deliver Marketing materials to the customer.

Verification of compliance with the client or contractor (Planograms, prices, Promotion, Marketing content, etc.)

Collecting Client requests, complaints.

Making orders.

Selling on the spot.

Returning orders.

Revaluation of prices.

Debt collection (Cash, Cards)

Cash deposits to the bank or firms cashier.

Product shelf management.

Monitoring stock.

Price tracking.

Tracking the competitors' prices and quantities.

Monitoring Competitors contracts (terms, products, discounts , etc.)

Monitoring competitor’s promotions.

Self KPI analytics, knowing your turnover ratio.

Company Goals indicators and vision of the progress.

Sharing information with head manager about performance (turnover, Warrants Division , visits number, etc.

● eOrder software function, such as electronic signature – Helps your purchased order or checked story to be approved by client’s signature. It’s important to know and get a confirmation from your clients that the job was done to the best of its abilities.

● Tracking your field team on the map in real time and to know exactly what your team is doing. All progress, visitation and activities are GEO tagged, so if your field manager is sending you order status, pictures, or surveys, you will get GEO attached location.

● Customizing your clients, so you know who is buying what and in what quantities. You can prioritize your clients in order who needs to be visited. This function is increasing your revenue, because your sales/merchandise teams are visiting right clients at the right time.

● One of the most advanced eOrder function is order management – first and probably most importantly, you are reducing your turnover ratio. Your reps are not going to get the order wrong, stock status is always up to date, your sales teams have a must stock where they can see what products they need to be selling. Promotions and history of the sold products helps to increase efficiency of a short and productive visitation time.

Those are the simple and most common field rep tasks, no matter what field of Consumer packed goods you are working with. eOrder software helps your field team manager to do his work and letting him be more productive, save time, do less mistakes. While your head manager can sit in the office and see exactly what numbers your field team is posting and know what clients they are visiting.