Manager can do all things : What reps can do

Also, Manager Tasks:

Can see exactly same information as a field team rep.

Set monthly, quarterly, annual targets.

To ensure the quality of all customer visitation time,

Overlook field team working time and results.

Increase productivity of field team by using eOrder analytics.

Calculate unit labor cost.

Estimate results of the team and each individual field rep.

Assign separate tasks to the rep.

 Team Manager can do all the things that his team does on a mobile device. It’s important to set right goals, monthly, quarterly targets. With eOrder and KPI parameters Manager can follow on his team results.

Creating mobile forms/surveys helps your team to be more responsive. It’s so easy to create a survey form with eOrder

1. Write down a question for your team.

2. Do a simple check mark.

3. Must answer questions.

4. Product availability, broken product list and same on, it’s your freedom to create a mobile forms for your team to answer.

eOrder helps Managers to have remotely eyes and hands in the competitive CPG market, it’s important that your team is filling out orders, forms, taking pictures and more importantly that your team Manager can see all this status in a real time and take an action from it.