In order to start using eOrder on your computer, you have to go to eOrder

or if you are on your android Device Google Play Download it and press Install.


From there, you have to press "Sign Up" button. or just press on "Free Trial

All you have to do, enter your name, last name, companies name, and your e-mail. Create a password which you can remember - You are a new user of eOrder! 

From now on you have an app and you have created an account, you need to enter all information on your android device. You officially a eOrder user.

You have a sample data to play with. Make an order, take a picture, complete a mobile form. If you feel that sample data is enough for your and you are ready to start putting a real numbers on your CPG automation app. Here is a second step what do you need to do next:

You have to delete your sample data, explanation how to do it is here: How to delete a sample data

Since you have already deleted your sample data. It's time for your to start adding data which you and your team is going to be working with.

Here are the steps that you need to complete. 

1. a) How to import your products manually or if you already have your product list on excel b) How to import data in CSV format

2. You already have what to sell, but you do not have your clients info : How to import your client info? even if you do not have your client info and you are a sales rep, we have created a possibility for you to drive to the client open an eOrder app press client, go to the right corner, press on it -> add client. From there you can fill all the needed information or you can Pin it, by this way, our software is going to pin your GPS location. 

You already have products that you can order, and clients to whom you can sell it. 

Let's say that you have more than one sales or merchandising field rep. 

In order for them to work on our system, you have to add them to your account: How to add field rep to my account?

Now you have an app, your products, your field reps registered. 

there are main tasks what else you need to learn. 

How to make an order with eOrder app?

If you are working in merchandising field, you have to know How to create a mobile form? and how to work with attached pictures

If during the year, you have a multiple accounts that are working for you, this is going to be helpful, too: How to add or subtract licenses from eOrder

If you are going to have more questions after this  eOrder Tutorial, you are more than welcome to contact us at and we will get back to you with all the answers.